Friday, November 5, 2010

Reiki healing experience shared by Narmada

Dear All,

I learned Reiki (first degree) in the month of October. I am still in the middle of my 21 days cleansing process. I have completed 16 days of giving Reiki to myself and I already feel the benefits. Earlier I used to feel really tired even though I used to sleep for around seven to eight hours. After learning Reiki, the quality of my sleep has improved. Also, whenever I used to stay up late to study, my stomach would get upset in the morning owing to the lack of sleep. But, now that has completely stopped.

I have also given Reiki to a friend when she was suffering from cough and cold. She has also reported feeling better.

I am very glad I learned Reiki. No matter how busy I am, I always make time for Reiki as I feel it is totally worth giving time to. I would love to learn the second degree too.


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  1. I learned Reiki 1st Degree on 6th & 7th of this month and now in process of 21Days Cleansing.

    Its a great achievement for me.

    I give Reiki to my Mom (partly) when she felt Artherities pain. After that her feelings -quite better.

    Thanks to GOD for give me this opportunity to learn Reiki from Excellent Master;

    Mustak Ali