Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Pills Kill: Medicines are not always the remedy (Economic Times dt 30.6.2009)

One feels deeply sad that Michael Jackson is no more...and all that is being highlighted by media is that in his lonely life and pressing schedules he depended on over dose of medicines having serious side effect.Alternative medicine including Reiki could have done well in such extreme circumstance also.A change in life style with regulated medicinal dose and support of Reiki could have done wonders.We can pay tribute and pray for the great atrtiste's soul

Monday, June 22, 2009

Four yrs old Anju rescued from borewell pit

Yesterday while having morning cup of tea and watching morning news one would have felt so concerned but helpless when TV channel showed the details of rescue operation being carried out at the site where Anju fell in a borewell pit.I sent some distance Reiki to protect her and to support rescue operation. Evening news came that she was rescued alive.God's blessings for her.Sending Reiki gave me instant reward that I did my part in a small way.Evening news was a bonus since result is not in our hand. We can only pray.
It gave me an idea that this blog could perhaps serve as a platform where many 2nd deg Reiki channels may voluntarily send distance Reiki for needy patients requiring help.I request such willing Reiki channels to come forward and render their help time to time.Grateful thanks.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Joy of Reiki Mastership

Yesterday I gave master's attunement to two persons and feeling so good about it.Normally it takes about three years of consistent and committed working by aspirants under regular guidance of Reiki Master Teacher and mastership is given when apprpriate level is reached .Many people express their desire and are willing to pay much more than normal fees but mostly they drop out or become 'quick master' following short cut methods offered by ignorant or non traditional masters.
In all I have been able to attune four masters including above two.That is a great feeling of contributing towards healing.
Amar Kumar

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Reiki- the nourishing energy which works at deeper level

Reiki comes to us through blessings of God - in whatever form we feel His presence and once we start using it regularly in our day to day life, it leads us to healthy,happy and more meaningful life.
I have been in Reiki for more than 12 years and established Reiki Kendra - a center for training and treatment duly registered with Govt in 1999.Many thousand people have benefitted from the services offered at Reiki Kendra.One can have some idea by visiting http://www.reikikendra.com/
I would love to share my experiences or thoughts or feelings through the blog to creat awareness about Reiki and would welcome comments fom Reiki lovers.
With love & light
Amar Kumar
Reiki Master Teacher