Friday, May 28, 2010

Rev.Dada J P Vaswani's health update

Dear Reiki Channels,
Dada Vaswani had developed movement problem in the left side of his body after a mild stroke subsequent to surgery of his right hand after the accident.There is improvement with initial signs of normalcy returning.I personally send him Reiki.May I request you all to continue sending Reiki for his speedy recovery.He is in Chicago.
About 12 years back I had been inspired to follow his advice to repeat mentally every hour - " I am not alone God is with me " --It gave me so much strength in my weak moments.Countless people like me have drawn support from this great saint of this age.
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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Please send Reiki for Rev Dada J P Vaswani


Dear Reiki Healers

Can we join and send Reiki to support Rev Dada J P Vaswani - a great saint of our time,simple like an innocent child and one who inspired anyone who heard him to move on to his spiritual goal - so full of love for all of us.Perhaps he does not need our prayers, God being with him but we will feel so blessed in doing our part by sending Reiki for him.May I request you to join me in sending as much Reiki as possible from now till his recovery as per message received stated below
With love and light
Amar Kumar

Humble Request from the Sadhu Vaswani Mission

KK Eye Institute

We have a special request to everyone out there in the world -

Rev. Dada JP Vaswani, Spiritual Head of Sadhu Vaswani Mission (with
centers all over the world) has had a stroke on the left side of his
body and has been operated for three fractures at Chicago, USA. The
next twenty four hours are very doctors say that the
stroke is reversible so please send in all your prayers and prayers
and more prayers.

The world needs him to come back soon and continue all his good work.

More information / updates available at and

Please do consider our humble request. We feel deeply grateful.

Yours Sincerely,

Naresh Singhani

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