Sunday, October 10, 2010

Aura Photos - No Explanation

Hellow Sir

The pictures i had sent you were taken in malasiya at around 6 a,m.It was the last day of our trip and we were ready to check out..To capture the last moments of our vacation my sister clicked some photos with her sony digital camera.In the first picture when i saw white light around me though i guessed something extraodinary has happened but my sister thought camera angle is wrong or finger print or some camera problem .We laughed at it as she cleant the lens and again took pictures. White light kept on increasing in in 2 consecutive pics and surprisingly disappeared in 3rd one.when i showed it to other reiki channels in my famiy everybody was amazed. Reason is unknown and experience is unbelievable.I consider it as God BLESSING and an indication to remain connected with reiki always.May reiki flow through me all my life. I thank reiki for being ther in my life.

Reiki First Time In Uluberia


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Reiki First Time In Uluberia, W.B.

Dr Samiran Pramanik,Homeopath & Reiki Practioner,invited me to conduct a class at Uluberia - a village like place full of greenerey.A lot of pure air,green trees and simple people.I enjoyed this trip.It was a lot of effort put in by Dr Pramanik in arranging this class where perhaps people were not aware of Reiki.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Distance Reiki Healing Experience Shared

Dr. Amar Kumar


My sister, who is in the US, was diagnosed with breast cancer. She was prescribed Radiation therapy which was to be continued for 6 weeks. The doctors also warned her that she may face difficulties in bearing the side-effects after about two weeks of radiation.

At this point we went to you after hearing of the good effects of Reiki treatment and Reiki Kendra through another sister of mine. We requested you to carry out distance healing through Reiki, for our sister.

After about a month, our sister in US could feel the good effects of Reiki. Not only has she been able to go through with the radiation treatment successfully, she has been able to keep her usual cheerful demeanor.

Somava, Kolkata