Wednesday, July 25, 2012

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Dear Friend

Hope you are doing well and practicing Reiki regularly. Remember more Reiki is better than less Reiki and some Reiki is always better than no Reiki.
If you have not done 2nd deg ....dont miss it--it gives unlimited capabilities of healing in a wide range.Also it is of great value in handling day to day life situations.Encourage your family members and other loved ones to learn Reiki wherever possible.Visit our website for training schedule and other updates.

Recently Times of India have taken me on board of Masters in their spiritual website . Also in the last few months they have publshed some of my articles under '' ''

I am attaching the same for you
1) Speaking Tree weekly supplementary dt 15.07.2012 of TOI introducing me
2) TOI dt 04.05.2012 -my article in
3) TOI dt 09.06.2012 - my article in
4) TOI dt 07.07.2012 -my article in attaching having lost the same.Pls send me if you have seen it.Thanks

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Wishing you very best in your life
With love and light,

 Amar Kumar
Traditional Reiki Master Teacher

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My article in Times of India on 09.06.2012

My article in Times of India on 04.05.2012

My article featured in Times of India under on 04.05.2012