Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Joy of Reiki Mastership

Yesterday I gave master's attunement to two persons and feeling so good about it.Normally it takes about three years of consistent and committed working by aspirants under regular guidance of Reiki Master Teacher and mastership is given when apprpriate level is reached .Many people express their desire and are willing to pay much more than normal fees but mostly they drop out or become 'quick master' following short cut methods offered by ignorant or non traditional masters.
In all I have been able to attune four masters including above two.That is a great feeling of contributing towards healing.
Amar Kumar

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  1. Dear Guruji,

    Pranam !!!

    Congratulations on conferring Mastership on two new deserving students and totally four in all!!

    I am sure it is a fantastic feeling when you ‘create something new’ and help in the divine healing process. My very best wishes on the continued journey.

    I am reminded by a story from a story from the MAHA BHARATA – ARANYA PARVA, which is very apt to this situation where People want to become Reikhi Masters overnight and to learn Reikhi instantly even online. This story goes like this :-

    Sage Bharadwaja had a son by name Yavakreeta. Yavakreeta was jealous of his cousins Ardhavasa and Paraavasa (sons of sage Raibhya) as they were learned.

    Yavakreeta wanted to learn all the Vedas and Sastras without serving a Guru, but only by doing Tapassu. He did Tapassu on Indra. Indra came to him and asked him "Why you are doing this Tapassu? What do you want?"

    "I should learn the entire Vedas and Sastras without learning from a Guru" said Yavakreeta.
    "It is impossible. You should learn Vedas and Sastras only through a Guru and face to face. You cannot attain education only by Tapassu. It is not good" said Indra. Yavakreeta did not agree and continued his Tapassu. Indra went away.
    Again Indra came down to Yavakreeta as an old brahmin. There was a river with heavy flow of water. The old brahmin (Indra) was taking sand with his hands and putting in the stream.
    Yavakreeta saw this. "O Old man. what is this?" he asked.

    "I am constructing a dam to stop the flow of water"said old brahmin (Indra).
    Yavakreeta laughed at him. "Oh. Is it possible? How many years you have put the sand with your hands? Are you mad?" said Yavakreeta.

    "I am doing the same thing as you are doing. If I am mad you are also mad. You are praying to Indra for an impossible task. I am too doing the same thing. If my task is useless then your task also is useless. Give up your task" said Indra regaining his original form.

    We live in a world of instant solutions. There may be heirs of Yavakreeta today. The want solutions without the sadhana.

    People want instant fixes for Reikhi too, they want to learn reikhi on-line or even become masters in a matter of weeks. Do you call this learning?

    The best Reikhi learning is only through Teachings from qualified Teachers of pure lineage, face to face, by hearing lectures, and clearing doubts with the Guru face to face.

    With Love & Light
    M. Ram