Monday, June 22, 2009

Four yrs old Anju rescued from borewell pit

Yesterday while having morning cup of tea and watching morning news one would have felt so concerned but helpless when TV channel showed the details of rescue operation being carried out at the site where Anju fell in a borewell pit.I sent some distance Reiki to protect her and to support rescue operation. Evening news came that she was rescued alive.God's blessings for her.Sending Reiki gave me instant reward that I did my part in a small way.Evening news was a bonus since result is not in our hand. We can only pray.
It gave me an idea that this blog could perhaps serve as a platform where many 2nd deg Reiki channels may voluntarily send distance Reiki for needy patients requiring help.I request such willing Reiki channels to come forward and render their help time to time.Grateful thanks.

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