Monday, July 6, 2009

How To Choose Your Reiki Master

People have been asking me how to choose right Reiki Master who is himself trained in traditional stream of Reiki.One should remember how Mrs Hawayo Takata was trained to be Reiki Master by Dr Chugiro Hayasi, second Grand Master.After learning 1st & 2nd deg Reiki in Tokio in 1935 , she returned to Hawai and established herself as a Reiki healer and for 3 years treated many people with dedication.Then Dr Hayashi went to Hawai and spent 6 months grooming Mrs Hawayo Takata and in 1938 made her Reiki Master.A lot of dedicated effort has to be made by aspirants for mastership for a sustained period under Guru Shisya Parampara.

Society is full of 'quick' Reiki Masters who lack guidance of right Reiki Master Teacher.So many types of Reiki i.e. Hypno Reiki,Karuna Reiki,Short Reiki,Crystal Reiki,Modern Reiki etc have been developed by individuals for serving their own interest.These were not given by the founder Reiki Guru Dr Mikao Usui who had God's blessings

I have included in my book a chapter -HOW TO CHOOSE YOUR REIKI MASTER
A properly trained and empowered Reiki Master is capable of giving proper attunement to his/her pupil, resulting into continuing lifetime benefits in terms of health & happiness. Once attuned, a person remains with the capability of channelising Reiki for his/her whole life. As such it is very important to choose the right Reiki Master.
Media, publicity etc. have helped bringing merit of Reiki to the general public, but they have also been misused by “Quacks” for their personal gains. I hope this will make readers more aware and help them in choosing the right Reiki Master and this in turn will help them in spreading traditional and pure form of Reiki in our society.
A surgeon after many years of studies and practical training can perform an operation with reasonable expectation of cure. If a nurse watching him perform the surgery also attempts to do so, then certain post-surgical complications are inevitable. One has to go through the defined syllabus/course to become proficient in any discipline. There cannot be any shortcut to perfection.
Greed for money has always been one of the prime reasons for dilution of standards. Quacks are common in other healing disciplines, including allopathy, homoeopathy, ayurved etc. Reiki also is no exception. While Reiki is being recognised worldover due to its simplicity, there are all kinds of people entering into it posing to be properly trained. They are in a big hurry to become Reiki Masters in a few days or months of training so that they can start taking classes. In traditional Reiki the Mastership cannot be awarded in such a hurry for lure of money. Attunement from such Reiki Masters may have adverse effects in the course of time.
Those wanting to learn Reiki should ask some typical questions to the Reiki Master :
- When and from whom did he/she learn first and second degree Reiki?
- When and from whom he/she took third degree or Master degree ?
- Did he learn first, second and third degree from the same Reiki Master - Teacher ?
- If not, what was the reason for change ?
- What is his Reiki lineage? How he/she fits into the chain of Gurus starting from Dr. Mikao Usui ?
It is also advisable to check-up on his reputation. Getting feedback from his students, if possible, should help in choosing him as your Reiki Master. Sometime when in doubt, his/her earlier Reiki Master may be contacted for cross checking.
By asking probing questions and also by speaking to the various related people, one may develop some “feeling”. In fact the right Reiki Master will attract you towards him/her to form a bond of Reiki relationship.


  1. Every Reiki Master should be able to tell you who their teacher is and should be able to trace back their master teacher lineage back to Dr Usui.

    Reiki lineage refers to the line of Reiki Masters that leads to the student. For traditional Reiki the line begins with Dr Usui, and continues with one of his Reiki Masters, and then to one of theirs and so it continues. For a healing system to be called Reiki and be recognized as such, the lineage must trace back to Mikao Usui.

    Masters of the traditional Reiki school make a commitment to teach and practice the traditional form of Usui Shiki Ryoho and have received their teaching through the direct lineage of Mikao Usui, Chujiro Hayashi, Hawayo Takata, and Phyllis Lei Furumoto. While masters differ in personal style, when you decide to choose a Reiki Master who has been selected as a member of The Traditional Reiki Alliance, you are assured the highest quality of Reiki teaching and Reiki treatment, in the ancient true tradition of Reiki.

    Choosing a Reiki Master is somewhat similar to choosing a Practitioner. The steps are much the same for Reiki Masters offer classes through the same avenues as Practitioners offer healing. The attributes to be desired in a Reiki Teacher are similar to those desired in a Practitioner. The goals are perhaps different.

    Why do you wish to become a Reiki Practitioner? Take a look at the recommendations for finding a Reiki Practitioner. Do you see yourself as being able to fill that role? If not now, what steps will be required for you to fill that role?

    Do you see yourself entering healing from a desire to be healed? If so do not let this stop you from becoming a Reiki Practitioner for having Reiki can be a great help in self healing. At the same time, in being a healer you are placing yourself at the service of your clients, and during their sessions it is the clients issues which are primary.

    The Teacher you choose can be a good partner in finding your healership. Instead of assistance and guidance in your healing, the Teacher offers assistance and guidance in being a healer. Does the teacher have a history of healing others? Does the teacher understand the healing process? Is the teacher "well healed" themself?

    These are the questions you might ponder while choosing the teacher for you.

  2. I think choosing is fine when choices are available ... for beginners, I guess some struggling is ok for the quest of true knowledge. If our quest be true, we will definitely soon find a good teacher :)